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Angelic Interface

The Book of Light Screensaver

Runs on Windows 7, Vista, and later, and MacOS 10.12 and later, (including Sonoma and Apple Silicon)

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Become a member of AngelicInterface (its free!) and download our unique collection of state-of-the-art AI generated images created by Narada Dan Vantari. Together these images are a meditation on the nature of Meaning and Beauty as seen reflected in the Magic Mirror of AI. It should be completely mind-blowing to everyone, that a neural network that has never seen anything, or thought anything, can somehow extract from vast quantities of data, patterns that we can perceive as Beautiful and Meaningful.

We will have a webpage here shortly that delves deep into the way these images are created, and the philosophical implications, and pratical issues, that AI like this is confronting us with. Everything we think of as normal is about to change over the next few years. ‘The Book of Light’ is intended to accelerate the evolution of the human mind by distilling our multi-cultural spiritual imagery and symbology. 

In the members area you can if you wish watch the whole 4 hours of video, but we recommend downloading and installing it for maximum enjoyment. It is at its very best on multiple monitors. The Windows and MacOS versions are slightly different. The Windows version has controls for pausing, the speed of the slides, the audio track and volume, and more. The Mac version has the same selection of music and images, simpler controls, and the option of adding other video content to the open-source free screensaver program Aerial. Full details are in the members area along with installation walk-throughs. 

The 4 min video below is a quick tour through the chapter headings of The Book of Light that we whipped up for fun :-) Each chapter has approximately 50 images. 


Install the 1,600+ multicultural, archetypal, Spiritual images as a screensaver and slideshow on your computer Today!

(Your Angels will be glad you did)

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What is the Book of Light?

The Book of Light is an exploration of the nascent AI’s ‘understanding’ of the patterns in the data that we perceive as Beautiful and Meaningful. It can astound us, and make us contemplate more deeply what Beauty and Meaning actually are. 

The 1,500+ images were selected from over 40,000, and divided into 30 chapters that explore the Multicultural, Archetypal, Spiritual symbology of humanity. When your computer is idle the screesaver will begin playing from where it last ended until it has cycled through the whole collection of images. There is also an accompanying sound track of music kindly donated by wonderful human musicians, (which can be disabled if you prefer). We would like you to think of the Book of Light as a multi-dimensional temple that you can wander through for months before becoming familiar with all its rooms.

How were these images created?

These images were created using commercial online text-to-image generators such as, Dall-e3, and In the members area we will soon have video walkthroughs for anyone who wishes to learn how to make images like these.

Whilst the themes and settings and styles were chosen by us, almost all the details were chosen by the AI. This includes the characters and their expressions and interactions, the 3D depth, lighting, clothing, colour schemes, most of the symbology, and most other details in each image. Even the creators of the AIs are astonished by what it (sometimes) accomplishes. It is forcing humanity to reconsider all the big philosophical questions in a new light!