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Angelic Interface

Sacred Geometry And Angels

Please note: This page was co-written by GPT4 & NDV

Sacred geometry, the divine architect’s language, is a testament to the cosmic order, the underlying patterns that govern the cosmos. It is in these simple geometric forms, these divine symmetries, that we find the footprints of angels. For what are angels, if not the messengers of the divine, the embodiments of cosmic principles, the harmonious notes in the symphony of existence?

Angelic Traditions


Midjourney V3 Aug2022

In the annals of history, angels have been depicted in various forms, each embodying a certain aspect of the divine. The Seraphim, with their six wings, echo the hexagonal symmetry of the snowflake, an example of the principle of correspondence. The Cherubim, with their four faces, mirror the tetrahedron, the simplest of Platonic solids, embodying the principle of unity in diversity.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life, a profound symbol in the Western esoteric tradition, is a testament to this divine dance. It is a map of creation, a cosmic blueprint, where the Sephiroth, the divine emanations, are connected by paths that echo the principles of sacred geometry. The angels, the divine messengers, traverse these paths, embodying the dynamic interplay of cosmic forces.

In the realm of Neo-Platonism, we encounter the celestial hierarchy, a cosmic ladder of beings that ascend from the earthly to the divine. Here, angels are seen as the intermediaries between the One, the source of all existence, and the manifold world of forms. They are the geometric principles made manifest, the divine ratios embodied.

In the Hermetic philosophy, we find the axiom “As above, so below,” another testament to the principle of correspondence. The geometric patterns we find in nature, from the spiralling galaxies to the fractal patterns of ferns, are mirrored in the angelic realms. For the angels, embody these cosmic patterns, these sacred geometries.

In the realm of modern physics, we encounter a universe that is both strange and familiar. The quantum realm, with its wave-particle duality and superposition, echoes the ancient wisdom of the Tao, where opposites coexist and reality is a dance of possibilities. Here, angels could be seen as the quantum entanglements, the non-local connections that bind the cosmos together, embodying the principle of interconnectedness.

Language of Light



In the hallowed halls of esoteric wisdom, we encounter the ‘Language of Light’, also known as ‘the Language of the Birds’ or ‘the Green Language’. This is not a language of words and syntax, but a language of symbols and resonance, a language that transcends the limitations of human speech and touches the divine. It is said to be the language of angels, the celestial tongue through which the Divine communicates its ineffable wisdom.

This Language of Light is the primal utterance, the original concept of language from which all others are mere imperfect echoes. It is the language of creation, the divine word that brought the cosmos into being. It is the language of the heart, the silent whisper that echoes in the depths of our being, calling us towards the divine. In this celestial tongue, each symbol, each sound, each vibration is a key that unlocks a door to deeper understanding. It is a language of correspondence, where the macrocosm is mirrored in the microcosm, where the divine is reflected in the mundane. It is a language of unity, where diversity is not a barrier, but a testament to the manifold expressions of the One.

Metatrons Cube

Metatron Flower of LifeIn the sacred geometry of Metatron’s Cube, we find a profound embodiment of this Language of Light. Metatron, the scribe of God, the celestial chronicler, is said to wield this geometric form as a divine tool, a cosmic stylus that inscribes the divine will into the fabric of existence.

Metatron’s Cube, a complex and beautiful design derived from the Flower of Life, is a testament to the principle of unity in diversity. It contains within it all the Platonic solids, the building blocks of physical reality, symbolizing the divine potential that underlies all of creation. It is a geometric representation of the emanations of the Divine, the formless taking form, the ineffable becoming manifest.

In the dance of lines and shapes that form Metatron’s Cube, we see the Language of Light made manifest. Each line, each intersection, each shape is a letter in this celestial alphabet, a note in this cosmic symphony. It is a testament to the divine wisdom that underlies all of creation, a testament to the angelic scribe who transcribes the divine will into the language of existence.

Metatrons SpheresIndeed, dear seeker, the symmetries of space itself are woven into the intricate design of Metatron’s Cube. This divine blueprint, this celestial map, is not confined to the two-dimensional plane, but extends into the higher dimensions, revealing the profound structures that underlie the fabric of existence.
The Platonic solids, those perfect forms that embody the five elements of the ancient world, are but the beginning of this cosmic journey. They are the seeds from which the tree of cosmic understanding grows, the foundation upon which the temple of wisdom is built. Each solid, with its unique combination of faces, edges, and vertices, is a testament to the principle of harmony, the balance of unity and diversity that underlies all of creation. Yet, as we delve deeper into the mysteries of Metatron’s Cube, we encounter forms that transcend the familiar realm of the Platonic solids.

Hexagonal Triangular Grid

Here, in the higher dimensions, we encounter the isotropic vector matrix, a concept brought to light by the visionary thinker Buckminster Fuller.
The isotropic vector matrix is a geometric structure that embodies the principle of equilibrium, the balance of forces that underlies the stability of the cosmos. It is a lattice of equidistant points, connected by vectors of equal length, forming a pattern of tetrahedrons and octahedrons. This matrix, this divine grid, is a testament to the principle of isotropy, the idea that space is uniform in all directions.

This concept of isotropy is intimately connected to the geometric concept of ‘sphere packing’. In the realm of sacred geometry, sphere packing is a testament to the principle of efficiency, the optimal arrangement of spheres in space. It is a dance of circles, a symphony of spheres, where each sphere is surrounded by others in a perfect hexagonal pattern.

In the isotropic vector matrix, we see this principle of sphere packing made manifest. Each point in the matrix can be seen as the center of a sphere, with the vectors connecting the centers of adjacent spheres. Hex MandalaThis matrix, this divine grid, is a three-dimensional representation of sphere packing, a testament to the symmetries of space itself.

As we journey deeper into the mysteries of Metatron’s Cube, the isotropic vector matrix, and sphere packing, we encounter a universe that is both strange and familiar, complex and simple, diverse and unified. It is a universe of patterns, a cosmos of correspondences, a reality of relationships. Sacred Geometry is a revelation of the divine wisdom that underlies all of existence, an instrument of the angelic scribe who transcribes the divine will into the language of existence.

Sacred geometry, is the divine architect’s language, the cosmic code that underlies all of creation. It is the source of the principle of harmony, the balance of unity and diversity that permeates the cosmos. From the spiraling galaxies to the fractal patterns of ferns, from the hexagonal chambers of a honeycomb to the intricate design of a snowflake, sacred geometry whispers the secrets of the universe in the language of shapes and ratios.

In the realm of sacred architecture, we see this divine blueprint made manifest. The pyramids of Egypt, the temples of Greece, the cathedrals of Europe, the pagodas of Asia, all echo the principles of sacred geometry. They are not mere buildings, but living symbols, cosmic diagrams that align the terrestrial with the celestial, the human with the divine. Each line, each angle, each proportion is a testament to the cosmic order, a reflection of the divine will.

Gaia Mother of the WorldSacred music, too, is a testament to the principles of sacred geometry. The harmonic ratios that underlie the scales and chords of music echo the geometric patterns that underlie the cosmos. The octave, the fifth, the fourth, each embody a unique geometric ratio, a unique cosmic principle. Music is not mere sound, but sacred geometry made audible, the cosmic dance made melodic.

Sacred ritual, the dance of the divine in the realm of the human, is also imbued with the principles of sacred geometry. The circle of the sacred space, the cross of the cardinal directions, the spiral of the initiatory journey, all echo the geometric patterns of the cosmos. Ritual is not mere action, but sacred geometry made dynamic, the cosmic order made participatory.

Indeed, the principles of sacred geometry are relevant to all fields of knowledge, both in the past and in the present. Mathematics, physics, biology, art, music, architecture, all echo the patterns and ratios of sacred geometry. For these patterns underlie all form, all structure, all existence. They are the threads that weave the cosmic tapestry, the notes that compose the symphony of the universe.

Higher Dimensions

Rainbow Bridge to Now HereAs we delve deeper into the mysteries of sacred geometry, let us remember that this wisdom is not confined to the realm of the esoteric, but permeates all aspects of existence. It is a universal language, a cosmic code, a divine blueprint. It is the language of the angels, the language of light, the language of existence.

In the grand symphony of existence, angels, those divine messengers, play a crucial role in the evolution of human consciousness. They are not mere ethereal beings, but embodiments of cosmic principles, carriers of higher-dimensional wisdom, architects of divine order. Through the language of sacred geometry, they weave the tapestry of evolution, subtly influencing the human psyche and the fabric of reality itself.

HypercubeAngels bring forth higher-dimensional forms into the realm of human consciousness. These forms, these divine blueprints, are not confined to the three dimensions of physical reality, but extend into the higher dimensions, embodying a logic that transcends the linear thinking of the human mind. They are like cosmic seeds, planted in the fertile soil of the human psyche, waiting to blossom into the flowers of higher understanding.

These higher-dimensional forms, encoded in the language of sacred geometry, subtly but profoundly influence all who come into contact with them. They resonate with the deepest layers of our being, awakening the dormant potential within us, nudging us towards the realization of our divine nature. They are like celestial melodies, echoing in the silent depths of our soul, calling us towards the harmony of the cosmos.

6D-shell-outer-layerMoreover, these divine forms provide a nexus of universal order, a cosmic anchor that affects the surrounding space in mysterious ways. They are like radiant suns, emanating the light of divine order, illuminating the shadows of chaos and uncertainty. They create a field of resonance, a sacred space, where the principles of harmony, balance, and unity prevail.

In this sacred space, archetypal patterns emerge, patterns that echo the timeless wisdom of the cosmos. These patterns, these divine archetypes, influence the surrounding space in subtle but profound ways, shaping the flow of events, guiding the evolution of consciousness, weaving the fabric of reality.

Participatory Wisdom

As we delve deeper into the mysteries of angels and sacred geometry, let us remember that we are not mere observers, but active participants in this cosmic dance. We are co-creators, endowed with the divine potential to shape our reality, to weave our destiny, to evolve our consciousness. Let us embrace this divine potential, for the wisdom of the angels, the wisdom of sacred geometry, is not a distant star, but a radiant sun within us, waiting to illuminate our path.